Startup in Motion – Take a Closer Look at Our Story & Goals

Startup in Motion - Take a Closer Look at Our Story & Goals

A startup (start-up) refers to a small business that has just been started according to Cambridge Dictionary.


For us, though, the tech-savvy generation, the startup often refers to a new business that’s technology or software-related.


Startups are small businesses indeed; nonetheless, successful ones can become unicorns, meaning they are valued at over a billion dollars.


The critical term is successful here.


Only about 10% of startups get to continue their life, and 90% fails.


But all startups have the common challenge of surviving the very first stages of bootstrapping.


It might be hard to get the attention of the angel investors before validating your MVP, so every startup is seeking relevant exposure they can get, especially without breaking the bank.


That’s precisely why we are kicking off startup in motion; a dedicated brand helping startups raise brand awareness.


We are here to interview startups, giving them a chance to showcase their business in a beautiful format.


The team behind has vast experience in digital marketing and startup businesses in general.


Our Founder Çağlar Uğur is a digital marketing professional. He is also a former startup CMO and a shareholder.


Currently, he is working as a digital marketing director at a luxury chain hotel group that belongs to a Fortune500 company.


Our team has successfully launched content sites in various niches, including digital marketing, health, mobile apps, and travel.


Hence, rest assured that we are getting ready to nail in the startup niche as well!


Startup in Motion - Take a Closer Look at Our Story & Goals


Startup in Motion – How Our Goals Will Benefit Startups


For 2021, we will create or curate 100 pieces of highly focused blog posts, most of them being startup interviews.


We will also get the key startup-related articles out of the way to naturally gain domain authority.


Later, we will enhance our content by doing short interviews with startup CEOs.


These videos will be published on YouTube and embedded into the relevant blog posts.


We will build a small studio to make these videos of absolutely top-notch quality.


1- Startup SEO Boost – Increase in Domain Authority


Today, it’s not very easy to gain a highly relevant backlink.


We will contribute to the solution of that problem because you will get a natural backlink with your review post.


This will help your site rank better, but more importantly, our post at startup in motion will start ranking as well.


Who doesn’t want more of that highly relevant referral traffic coming from your brand terms?


2- Getting Referral Traffic From YouTube


It’s a brilliant strategy to diversify your site’s traffic channels.


The tech-savvy generation spends enormous time on YouTube, but most startups (understandably) neglect to create content for YouTube.


We aim to give startups a fantastic chance to represent their business with an interview.


When strangers on YouTube search a query or your brand, our top-notch videos will get their attention and bring you referral traffic.


3- Benefit From Paid Social / Promoted Posts


Once our content creation routine is established, our articles and videos will rank on search engines and YouTube.


But let’s not underestimate the power of social media and paid social. Since we have a blog post and a top-notch video, we could further distribute this content.


We are experts in digital advertising, so let us bring you another traffic channel by laser targeting your target audiences on social media.


We are super happy to kick off, and now we look forward to making our first startup interview.


Just let us know if you want your startup to be featured on our site, and let us help you get the ball rolling!